Japanese Manga Queen Rumiko Takahashi Wins Top French Prize

Japanese manga maker Rumiko Takahashi has turned out to be just the second lady to win the best prize at France’s greatest realistic novel celebration.

The 61-year-old, one of the stars of the Japanese shape, took the amazing prize at Angouleme Comics Festival – which opens Thursday – for her labor of love.

manga queen

Two years back she was one of various ladies French essayist Riaad Sattouf said ought to have the prize rather than him. The creator of the top rated “Middle Easterner of the Future” declined the prize, and lashed Angouleme’s inability to respect enough female makers.

Takahashi – who was not in the western French city to get the prize – is just the second Japanese to win the honor, in spite of the gigantic fame of manga in France.

Katushiro Otomo, the creator of the “Akira” arrangement, won in 2015.

France is the greatest market on the planet for the funnies outside Japan, and this year the Angouleme celebration is commending the frame. Most recent figures demonstrate that more than one out of three realistic books sold in the nation are manga, with deals bouncing 11 percent in 2018 to 16 million duplicates.

The tremendously productive Takahashi is a standout amongst the most perused creators on the planet, with her 200 works moving in excess of 200 million duplicates.

She is best known in the West for her “Urusei Yatsura” arrangement, a satire sci-fi story, the rom-com “Maison Ikkoku”, and the hand to hand fighting adventure “Ranma 1/2”, which helped manga get through in the US.

Her most recent work, the 40-volume “Rin-ne”, is an about a young lady who can see apparitions.

Takahashi pipped the American Chris Ware, creator of “Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth”, and French artist Emmanuel Guibert to the prize.

The Golden Wildcat prize for the best realistic novel of the year will be granted at Angouleme on Saturday.